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Learn more about our LES NATURELLES franchise

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In the heart of Europe, we enjoy the advantages of a unique and exceptional environment : a variety of scientific and technical expertise, professional efficiency and conscientiousness, the constant pursuit of perfection, creativity and the desire for innovation which are stimulated by intense international trade.
Les Naturelles aim to satisfy every woman’s desire for well-being and to make her even more beautiful. In order to reach this goal, we offer a complete service, a real "specific package" of innovative up-to date products which are specially made to suit the needs of every user. Les Naturelles skin care products respond perfectly to the needs of your skin and offer effective solutions to your main skincare concerns.

Based on in-depth knowledge, our Swiss laboratories develop products which are at the forefront of cosmetic technology. These products are perfectly suited to different types of skin. The remarkably well-preserved sites and the strict legislation in our country encourage us to respect the environment, to work in observance of ethics, and to ascertain the safety-in-use of our products. Our cosmetics are biodegradable, and manufactured with harmless, non-animal derived ingredients. They do not contain mineral oil. The raw materials are usually obtained from renewable vegetal sources.

Our products are manufactured in Switzerland, using high technology and in accordance with cosmetic Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).
The use of effective ingredients in their optimal concentration ensures visible results and a very high skin tolerance. The ingredients come from the most reliable sources and are of the highest purity. They are obtained by means of high technology which respects the environment. We do not use any animal derived ingredients.   We always choose the best material and give preference to entirely natural resources. Any substances which are potentially comedogenic, photosensitive, irritant or likely to have other undesirable effects are never used in our products. 
The fragrances are obtained from natural essential oils or from perfume oils which comply with the Code of Practice recommended by IFRA (International Fragrances Administration). Each product manufactured undergoes strict quality controls. Our formulations comply with Swiss and international cosmetic regulations (CH, EU, USA, Asia).
As a leader in the Swiss Cosmetics market, we have built up our reputation with our high-quality product range “Les Naturelles” and “Exclusif” since 1978 and we owe our success to our method of distribution, the cornerstone of our corporate concept: the provision of personal advice to customers at home on appointment only when buying a products.

Les Naturelles and Exclusif are represented in more than 20 countries around the world (France, Switzerland, Germany, Greece, Hong Kong, China, South Korea, …).
Considering the success met in those countries, Firstline is on the lookout for new cosmetics professionals to increase international awareness of « Les Naturelles » & “Exclusif” brands. We offer a franchise with a minimum investment and a high profit margin.

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