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Les Naturelles, the leading-edge of cosmetics

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Les Naturelles, the leading-edge of cosmetics

Since its creation in 1978 in Switzerland , “Les Naturelles” has distinguished itself by establishing an original concept, based on an in-depth analysis of the cosmetics market.

The distribution of “Les Naturelles “ products outside the traditional distribution channels is based on the provision of personal advice. Major resources have been invested in research into high-quality products, designed for different types of skin.


Leader in the Swiss cosmetics market and firmly established throughout European markets, “Les Naturelles” high-quality product range owes its success to efficient structures and to its method of distribution, the cornerstone of its corporate concept: the provision of personal advice to customers when buying products.

Catering for the expectations of women – and nowadays for men to an increasing degree -“Les Naturelles” in Switzerland has a network of 300 customer advisors and beauticians trained in beauty care and make-up techniques who visit clients in their homes.

The success of this concept is borne out by the loyalty shown by customers and the company’s constant expansion.


High-quality “personalised” products from Switzerland.

What makes “Les Naturelles” special is the fact that for every product, it has developed extended ranges consisting of articles designed to complement each other and providing for the precise selection of treatments for different types of skin.

The research carried out by “Les Naturelles” is oriented towards the use of natural raw materials solely of vegetable origin based on phytotherapy and biology. As stressed by the managing director Mr. Gilbert Schick: “Although the period required for development and production is longer and more costly due to the complexity and greater instability of such natural extracts, we only use active vegetable-based materials which are richer and allow us to develop extremely effective and reliable products, offering exceptional qualities for the regeneration and moisturisation of the skin”.


Efficient structures for an international presence

Given the large volume of orders, “Les Naturelles” operates a fully computerised management system which provides for optimum stock management and shipment that is both fast and reliable. Firmly established in Europe and Asia, “Les Naturelles” is looking out for new distributors and franchisees, adapting its distribution concept to the culture and buying habits of the different countries.


Contact Person:

Karen Reniers

Cosmetic International SAM

Phone: +377.

Fax: +377.

E-mail: info@cosmetic-international.mc

Web site: www.les-naturelles.com



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